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Safety Blanket Carbon Felt 16Oz 5′ X 5′

Carbon Felt is made from organic carbon fibre and is designed to provide protection in high temperature applications such as brazing, soldering and light welding. Carbon Felt is highly flame, heat and chemical resistant. It is non-flammable, non-melting and non-shrinking. It is amazingly soft, lightweight and flexible which allows it to be wrapped around pipes, stuffed into tight spots, or draped over objects that need to be protected from sparks, heat or flame. Carbon Felt withstands continuous temperatures up to 1800o F and short duration termperatures up to 2500o F with minimal heat transfer taking place between the blanket and the protected surface. Carbon Felt is ideal for autobody, plumbing and light welding applications.
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Packaging Description:1 per each
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Packaging: 1 per each
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$147.33/1 per each
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