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WeldersHelper Bucks Program Registration

Set up an account with us today and instantly receive $2000 WeldersHelper Bucks® to enhance your shopping experience at

Create an account below, or click here to see how it works.

How It Works

Create an Account
Get $2,000 in
WeldersHelper Bucks®
Save Up To
5% Per Order

Once registered and logged in, every time you visit the site and make a purchase, 5% of your cart’s sub total (before shipping and taxes) will be credited with WeldersHelper Bucks®. But you must have enough WeldersHelper Bucks® remaining in your account at checkout.

This ensures that you have the flexibility to spread out your savings and enjoy a steady stream of discounts on all of your future buys at

WeldersHelper Bucks ® have no cash value and you must have the correct amount of WeldersHelper Bucks ® in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get WeldersHelper Bucks®?

Click the “Join Welders Rewards® on the top of the page. You will be asked to enter a login name and password to create an account, once your account is created you will receive your WeldersHelper Bucks®.

How do I use my WeldersHelper Bucks®?

Its easy. Just login to your account, add items to your cart and at check out you will automatically see your WeldersHelper Bucks® applied to your cart’s sub total (before taxes and shipping.

How many WeldersHelper Bucks ® do I get for creating an account?

Each account will receive 2000 WeldersHelper Bucks®.

How many WeldersHelper Bucks® can I use at check out?

A maximum of 5% of your cart’s sub total (before taxes and shipping) will be automatically applied to your cart at check out. As per example, if your account has 2000 WeldersHelper Bucks ® and your cart’s sub total before taxes and shipping is $500.00, you will receive a credit of $25.00 (5% of $500) at check out.

How do I know how may WeldersHelper Bucks® I have left in my account?

Once logged in, you will see the amount of WeldersHelper Bucks ® in your account on the top of the screen.

How can I get more WeldersHelper Bucks®?

You will receive an additional 250 WeldersHelper Bucks® each time you successfully check out with a cart subtotal of $1000 or more (before shipping and taxes).