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Lincoln Power MIG 260 (208V/230V/575V) MIG Welder

Simplified Visualize Your Weld with ArcFX (TM) Technology Ready.Set.Weld© Quick Set-Up Automatic Settings - Provide Optimal Weld Parameters Universal Input Voltage Innovative 7 inch Color Display Memory Capability Auto Calibration Optimizes Push-Pull Aluminum Performance Ergonomic Easy to View and Adjust Settings Tilting Gas Bottle Tray Front Access to 115V Outlet and Gun Connections Small Footprint ADVANCED FEATURES Automatic settings provide optimal weld parameter Memory Capability - Ability to load and save weld settings Run-in - Adjustable speed at which wire strikes the plate to enhance starting Burnback - Adjustable time delay between turning off the arc and the wire feed to prevent wire sticking to the puddle Spot Timer - Adjustable arc time for repetitive tack and spot welds
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Packaging Description:1 of each
Weld Process:MIG
Duty Cycle:30
Cutting Capacity:n/a
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Packaging: 1 of each
Save 23%$6,414.37/ea$4,913.00/ea

Package Price:

$4,913.00/1 of each

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